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One Piece: Treasure Cruise - 30 Milhões de Downloads

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Com a versão global atingindo 10 milhões de downloads. "One Piece: Treasure Cruise" agora tem um total de 30 milhões de downloads, já que a versão japonesa atingiu a marca de 20 milhões de downloads em março de 2016. 

Recentemente, a Bandai Namco anunciou em um trailer divulgado em seu canal oficial no Youtube a versão coreana do jogo.

A Bandai Namco Entertainment lançou "One Piece: Treasure Cruise" no Japão em 2014 para dispositivos móveis Android e iOS. Posteriormente o jogo foi localizado para América do Norte, Europa (Alemanha, Reino Unido, Itália e Espanha).

A Bandai Namco publicou um comunicado à imprensa sobre a marca de 10 milhões de downloads:

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe’s hit mobile adventure RPG game, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its launch last year in February on iOS and Android devices. To honor this milestone, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is unleashing “The 10 Million Downloads Celebration,” which features new items, multiple in-game events, and a special Facebook campaign in which players can affect the outcome of characters within a special in-game event.

Beginning on May 10 and running through to May 23, players will have access to a myriad of fun events to celebrate ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE,including:

- 10M DL Feast! – Players can receive up to two MEAT power-ups that increase a character’s experience by a staggering 5 million EXP points per meat.
- MAKE IT YOUR SUGO-FESTS! Facebook Campaign – When players “like” the One Piece Treasure Cruise Facebook page and vote for characters they want to recruit in the game, the most voted for characters will appear more frequently during the Sugo-Fest event.
- Even more Sugo-Fests opportunities to recruit characters and gain power up items!

*Please note that scheduled event details and periods may change without prior notice.

In ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, players form their own pirate crew and set sail on a sea of adventure. Characters with unique special abilities unleash fierce assaults, perform Tandem attacks and combos to inflict devastating damage to enemies and collect WANTED posters in battle to recruit more crew members to build the ultimate pirate crew.

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